Social Media Tips – Building Relationships

Social Media Tips – Building Relationships

Social Media Tips – Building Relationships


+ The Need for a Cross-Platform Brand
+ Building Relationships together with your Competitors
+ How List25 acquired its first 30,000 Fans
+ Tips for Bigger Facebook EdgeRank
+ Advice on YouTube
+ The Need for URLs
+ Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+


Getting 100,000 Fans

It’s really exciting going to 100,000 wants, which only happened about twelve hours ago. It had been a monumental achievement for all of us.

Content Strategy

Most bloggers turn out with one content a day. They’ll just post their link after link after link after link on the Facebook walls. They don’t really connect to their audience.

That causes EdgeRank to start out going down. You must share several types of content.

For List25, we’re developing a new video once weekly. We talk about that video recording on our Facebook. Then we share a web link. We share a graphic also. We combine it up with a issue or a status oftentimes. So it is always fresh.

That real way, Facebook doesn’t look at that we’re just pressing out the same actual type of articles (decreasing our EdgeRank). That’s absolutely crucial. Talk about interesting content every single day.

I like my very own stuff on List25 always. Everything that List25 publishes, I automatically hit the ‘share’.


Socialize through Search

Twitter Search is certainly by far one of the helpful things.

That’s the important thing. Who’s your competitor?

At List25, we’ve a few competitors. Therefore, I just started sitting down on the Twitter search finding who was retweeting the websites and I was simply replying back again to them, replying back again to them, replying back again to them.

I love these sites myself, therefore i can relate with what they’re sharing. I could just reply back, like, “Oh, I love that stuff too.”

That makes it a bit fewer spammy, so I’m not simply saying, “Hey Cracked is normally good. Have a look at List25. It’s better still.” That might be total spam.

But when you can relate with them with the first of all tweet, they’ll probably reply back. In the next tweet then, you can say, “Ok last one, and by the true way, did you have a look at our site? It really is pretty amazing.”

So, for Twitter, that is the number 1 thing: target your opponents in Twitter search and connect to their audience. Social Mass media Tips


Professional Touch

You must have amazing video intros.

I have a real buddy who helped me out with this. His brand can be Nick Scheidies of Next Level Ink. Therefore, again, networking. He was achieved by me at among the events.

I try to talk to persons I meet. He provides this video production enterprise, so he was asked by me if he may help us out with training video. He helped us make an intro for our videos and today an outro aswell.

We’re not video folks. We don’t know steps to make videos. But having a specialist intro, animated is definitely better somewhat. It’s like, “Oh my god, these social persons like, put time into making these videos.” Thus, that was our number 1 step, to get a video that was just like sort of good quality.

So the hints from Nick were virtually all helpful. Social Media Tips


Focus Above the Fold

The main thing for StumbleUpon site visitors is the content material above the fold.

StumbleUpon users click, ‘stumble’, ‘stumble’, ‘stumble’, ‘stumble’, “Oh – I love it! Want!”, ‘stumble’, ‘stumble’, ‘stumble’, ‘stumble’. So, it is rather fast.

To make the StumbleUpon user stay, you can’t group your header place with ads.

We’ve designed List 25 in order that when you select an individual post page, the vital thing you see may be the title and you start to see the post content below. You do not see any ad in the very best. So, you look at that little bar of ours and our content then.

So, that’s the number 1 thing for StumbleUpon: usually do not crowd with ads. Community Media Tips

=> Affiliate Marketing Tutorial


I didn’t even understand Pinterest existed, for some time. One day, I was viewing the Google Analytics stats and I found this Pinterest site merely jumping up in quantities. People were pinning our site apparently.

So, I’m like, “We must get yourself a profile on Pinterest.”

I created my own profile and I linked with most of my close friends who were already generally there.

I added the Pinterest control keys on my internet site then, which makes it simple to pin. NOW I AM slowly getting together with the persons on Pinterest. I’m liking their stuff, commenting onto it, and re-pinning it.

It’s practically like Twitter, except a lot more visual. Everything is visible on Pinterest.

We’re as well using Pinterest to get new resources of content for all of us. So, Pinterest is not simply a traffic driver. It is also a place where we locate a lot of our content, for our Tumblr blog page especially.

Social Media Tips


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